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Below are a selection of links to companies and organisations that you may be interested in:

Coed Cymru

Coed Cymru is an all Wales initiative to promote the management of broadleaf woodlands and the use of locally grown hardwood timber in Wales.

Visit http://www.coedcymru.org.uk/

Indoorski Discovery

Playgrass references from Indoorski Discovery. Ruud van Dongen is our agent for Playgrass Ski Carpet in the Netherlands where it is used with great success on indoor revolving ski slopes.

Visit http://www.skidiscovery.nl/index.php?id=7429


The North Staffs Ski Club was established over 30 years ago and owns all of the equipment and facilities at the centre. The club is operated by skiers for skiers.

Visit http://www.ski-kidsgrove.co.uk/

Welsh Timber Forum

The Welsh Timber Forum aims to represent and support SMEs working with or wishing to work with Welsh timber

Visit http://www.welshtimberforum.co.uk/

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