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Welcome to MK Enterprises (UK) Ltd

Date: 04/01/2011

Welcome to MK Enterprises (UK) Ltd

Company re-structuring results in fresh new look

December 2010 saw the re-structuring of Impact Leisure and the formation of our new company MK Enterprises (UK) Ltd.

We are still located in Llanrwst in the Conwy Valley and offer the same products and services. The re-structuring will assist us with our marketing programme, demonstrate diversity and enhance new and exciting plans and ideas we have for the future.

We also became aware that many of our customers had us 'pigeonholed' under the banner of 'bridge makers' when we offer such a diverse range of other products and services including, design facilities, environmental contracting, boardwalks, the use of recycled and synthetic products, footpath work, strimming and clearance work, a range of anti-slip products, ski and sliding carpet materials to name a few.

We have exciting new products and services to offer including floating boardwalk solutions for wetland areas. See our news item.

We hope you will follow our progress and the products and services we offer over the coming months.

The Team at MK Enterprises (UK) Ltd


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