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MK Enterprises can help you walk on water!!!!

Date: 21/01/2011

MK Enterprises can help you walk on water!!!!

New boardwalk solutions

Any design can be developed and expanded to suit the location, style, usage and sensitivity of the proposed site.Possible uses include;·         Access solutions·         Dinning·         Play / Enjoyment·         Floating pathways - Cut across the lake, don’t walk around!! - Or make a nice circular walk/trail.  

·         Health & Safety – They have been used successfully for the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) at an extremely wet location in Gwynedd, North Wales to allow CCW staff to access the site safely.

·         DDA –Floating boardwalks can allow safe access to all-ability groups to access dipping ponds and so be closer to the water.

·         Enhancing our enjoyment of the environment around us.

·         Fishing – Better access for club members.

·         Wetlands –  your visitors can get closer to the wildlife

·         Zoo & Parks – visitors can ‘walk through’ water features and see exhibits close-up at first hand.

·         Theme & Holiday Parks – A must to add the thrill to any attraction.

·         Harbours, Docks & Canals, Jetties and more – Open up the experience.

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